Google Launched Google’s Robot Cars Automated Driving

This is called a Google Street View. The innovative technology of the latest draft of the company, revealed this weekend, is a fully automatic car which is not a human driver. Google says it has more than 140,000 miles on his road test cars, six Toyota Prius hybrid and an Audi TT roaded in California through a combination of video cameras, radar and laser technology and GPS .

The car has covered 140,000 miles, depending on cameras and a laser scanning to management so you don't need to do that. A Google engineer, describes it as "Super Cruise Control", a way to supplement your experience, rather than jam them. Although part of me is pretty sure that if I wanted to have this feature available to me, I never turn it off.

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Robot Dance - Nobody

Robot dancing nobody - wondergirls. Very cute. Check under to view the video
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Mobile Robot Base Kit

The mobile robot: Starter Kit transforms the test card in the control center for a programmable robot, imposing offering in the field of robotics. Coupled with the automatic starter kit science, this package everything you need for basic robot project.
This includes running the robot structure, the control actuators, the movement and rotation, and tracing specific classes on the ground. For other activities, the mobile robot: Basic kit with remote sensor and control expansion packs (developed separately).
Available in five colors: black, blue, red, gold or silver. Please specify when ordering. What is included - aluminum frame - Servo (2) - Disc wheels (2) - Plastic Caster (1) - Aluminum Extrusion (4) - Splint - is Velcro - bolts and nuts, the components of starter kit in the image of the product is not included with the mobile robot: Starter Kit.
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Complete Robot Pack (Breadboard Version)

Get everything you need to make the machine complete robot systems research projects in one convenient package. A breadboard Microcontroller Starter Kit, Robot Kits Base, Expansion Pack and Sensor Remote Control Expansion Pack are included! With this kit you can all plans of the electronic models and robot projects covered in the tutorials. Learn to control LEDs, a piezo speaker, an LCD monitor, servo motors and infrared sensors.
Product Features

* Breadboard Starter Kit
* Robot Base Kit
* Sensor Expansion Pack
* Remote Control Expansion Pack
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WowWee Rovio Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic WebCam

WowWee Rovio Wi-Fi enabled robotic webcam access to your home anywhere in the world with Rovio Robot Webcam! Rovio detects your computer settings for you and guides you through the process. Let Rovio move freely and see their point of view directly on your PC with Wi-Fi remote controlled webcam.
Interactive audio and video streams directly from the Rovio to your PC. See and hear exactly what Rovio sees and hears, on your screen, anywhere in the world. points the location of the store, so that Rovio can navigate around the house without you control each step. Rovio will always have power, even if you're not here to reload.
At the touch of a button, you can send Rovio back to the recharging base using its capacity for self-docking, even if you're not home! Specifications Wi-Fi connectivity / work 802.11g / 802.11by with devices including battery charging LED lighting wheel motors 3x 3x omnidirectional wheels 1 x camera motor 1 x VGA CMOS sensor 1x speaker 1x Built-in Microphone PC compatible PC with a minimum Pentium 3 processor or equivalent connected to Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems 256MB RAM USB Wireless Access Point to the computer to high speed Internet connection Internet Explorer 6 or higher is required for two-way audio function.

Check this video for demo
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LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0

Take your creations to a higher level! Now you can build robots to move the real and obey your orders. Design them, build them, and the program quickly and easily, and put them to work for you! Special 3D building instructions on the enclosed CD-ROM, remote control, you can now build three robots with the same parts: a sorter Candy, a robot arm and a Artbots, which makes great pictures. Then start your own creations! RIS 2.0 features a simple interface that is easy to master. Six Pro Challenges and large blocks of programming complicated wink, the program models.
You will of that can do what you surprised creations! Using RIS 2.0 is easy and fun! Heres what you do: Start with the RCX computer brain of your robot! Bring your idea to life by attaching sensors, motors, gears and the RCX. Use your PC and the LEGO MINDSTORMS ® CD-ROM to make a program that your robot act on its own to create your command.Now your robot is ready to act. Let It Loose and watch him go! 6 AA batteries (not included). 12 3804 Lego

Check this video
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OWI Frightened Grasshopper Kit - Solar Powered

Build your own grasshopper size. A mini-robot educational kit solar. It is small, but it is an eye-catcher! Discover the potential of solar energy with this kit neat science. This build-it-yourself educational kit solar hobby for the first time that science experimenters with little or no experience.
Fear Grasshopper Solar Powered Bug sign the forms in alternative energy science kit easy to use, shows how solar energy can be used to stream shows how solar radiation is converted into electrical energy of a photovoltaic cell, product motor Within Grasshopper converts electrical energy to make the best works, many a non-fluorescent light bulb or sunlight catching display piece in the context of solar energy for a fair Science project, a class discussion, or connect easily out-of-the ordinary games Age 10 +

Check this video

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